What Does White Nail Polish Mean in 2023?

White nail polish is a timeless color that is perfect for anyone who wants to keep things simple and classy. There have been various interpretations of what this nail color might say about the people who wear it. So what does white nail polish mean exactly?

There have been so many social media trends that have explained the meaning behind white nail color, and with it being such a popular color, many people are curious about what they are putting out there about themselves by choosing the natural shade.

Today, we will take a look at what your white nail polish says about you!

a person holding a white nail polish bottle

What Does White Nail Polish Mean on TikTok?

In general, white nails mean that you are single. As you are probably aware, the color can represent cleanliness, freshness, or even a blank slate. However, according to Urban Dictionary, white color for nails indicate that a person is prepared to move on and have a new start.”

For guys, baby or light blue nails convey that they are single, not white.

People on TikTok are now posting pictures of their white nails to reveal that they are single and also ready to mingle.

nails painted with white nail polish

Why Does White Nail Polish Have This Meaning?

Many theories exist to explain why white was chosen to represent people’s relationship status. According to one of these theories, the entire white nail polish trend stemmed from some prejudiced stereotypes about girls. Girls who choose white nail polish are thought to be more promiscuous.

Although the color must be associated with a lack of promiscuity, it presented a completely different meaning on most social media platforms. This stereotype grew in popularity over time and became a viral meme.

Should You Paint Your Nails White?

Yes, no one can stop you from painting your nails white. Wearing white nail polish does not always imply that someone is single. Please take into account that they might be unaware of the meaning of white nail color on TikTok.

If this is the case, the white nails are not an indication to the world that they are looking for or are interested in a relationship. Regardless of the sudden popularity of the trend, it is always a given that not everybody will have access to such information, and somebody may be wearing white nails simply because they want to.

Tips on getting white Nails

If you decided to get a set of white nails, you should know what type of nails you want to get since each type has its own pros and cons.

If you want to get something that lasts for weeks, then you can consider gel nails or acrylic nails. These polishes give you the flexibility to refill your nails regularly and last at their best for about 2 months.

But if you want to get something less expensive and can be done at home with ease, then I recommend regular nail polish. Regular nail polish lasts shorter compared to other polishes, so they are perfect for those who want to get white nails for fun. There is more to discuss the pros and cons between regular nail polish and gel polish, which I included in another article. Make sure to check it out to learn more about the best polish you should choose!

The Bottom Line

There are numerous theories about how nails reveal information about a person. Ultimately, you get to choose what color you want to paint your nails. You may choose a color depending on a meaning you identify with it, or you may simply have a personal preference for its look and how it fits your style.

Maybe you’re single and want to show it off with your white nails. Or you are embarking on a new adventure – a new job, or education, and just want your nails to reflect your new beginning. Whatever the reason, white nail color is a timeless option that you will not regret.