What Happens If You Use Expired Nail Polish?

What Happens If You Use Expired Nail Polish

If you can’t get enough of nail polish trends and add every hot new shade to your ever-growing stash, some of your polishes have likely expired. Perhaps you’re tempted to use one of your old favorites, but you’re worried something bad will happen if you paint your nails with polish past its expiry date. What …

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How Long Does Regular Nail Polish Last?

How Long Does Regular Nail Polish Last

Treating yourself to a manicure or quality time at home doing your nails is excellent. But the effort and time will only be worth it if the manicure lasts a few days. So you might want to know how long regular nail polish last and if it is worth it. How Long Does Regular Nail …

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Can You Put Regular Nail Polish Over Gel Polish?

a nail technician apply regular nail polish onto gel polish

As an at-home nail guru or anyone with a gel overlay, you might want a solution to cover up a chip or a gel overlay not tickling your fancy any longer. So can you put regular nail polish over gel polish? Let’s dive right into the answer below! Can You Put Regular Nail Polish Over …

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Can You Put Regular Nail Polish Over Acrylic Nails?

regular nail polish on an acrylic nail

Tired of the color of your acrylic nails and want something different now? Using regular nail polish to paint over acrylic nails sounds like a great plan, but is it really worth it? You can make it work by following our thorough guide to painting acrylic nails with regular nail polish. So, let’s check it …

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Does UV light Dry Regular Nail Polish?

a regular nail set being cured under a UV light lamp

Regular nail polish is the oldest and, once, the fastest-drying polish type in the industry. However, since its existence, several advances have been recorded in manufacturing longer-lasting nail polishes, like gel polish, with its special drying equipment–the UV or LED lamps. Even though regular nail polish air dries, some wonder, “does UV light dry regular …

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Can you Use a Gel Top Coat on Regular Nail Polish?

a nail technician painting gel top coat

With extended durability, impermeable properties, and resistance to damage, peeling, or chipping, a gel polish top coat is always the go-to option for many nail enthusiasts. In fact, gel polish lasts longer than regular nail polish for up to a few weeks (regular on stays for 2-3 days). But what if you already have regular …

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Gel Polish Vs Regular Polish | Which Is Best in 2023?

gel polish or regular polish is better

If you are not sure about the difference between Gel polish vs regular polish, perhaps you don’t feel ready for your big night out until your nails are painted fiery red. Whatever your style, painted nails complete your look. Polished nails are your secret to looking well-put-together, but which polish will dress up your nails …

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