How To Tell If Nail Polish Is Bad Or Expired?

a bottle of expired nail polish

Have you ever opened a nail polish bottle and thought something looked off? Some bottles don’t indicate expiration dates which might get a lot of people wondering how to tell if nail polish is bad or expired. Well, let’s find out with me! How To Tell If Nail Polish Is Bad Or Expired? Nail polish …

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What Is A Full Set Of Nails?

a nail technician doing a full set of nail

You are browsing a recommended salon’s treatment menu to get your nails done, and you see an option for a full set of nails. Well, if you are new to this world, you may not yet know what it is, and what services are included. A lot of people also get confused with structured nails, …

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Can You Mix Acrylic Paint with Nail Polish?

acrylic paint and a bottle of nail polish

Using acrylic paint on gel nails sounds like an acceptable option. But what about mixing acrylic paint with regular nail polish? Many people want to make custom colors and they try to change the color of nail polish by adding acrylic paint. So, can you mix acrylic paint with nail polish? Does this experiment result …

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Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Gel Nails?

a woman painting acrylic pain on her nails

Have you ever seen nail technicians using acrylic paint on gel nails? It is an enigma that many people fail to understand because they think acrylic paint is only used for making art on paper. Using acrylic paint for nail art is “a new trend” because it is convenient to make designs from it. But …

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What does Blue nail polish mean on guys?

blue nails

So now, nail polish is not just for women anymore. In fact, it has become quite popular for men to paint their nails in different colors, including blue. But what does blue nail polish mean on guys? Is it a sign of masculinity or something else entirely? Here’s what you need to know about the …

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How to clean Matte Nails? Step-By-Step Guide

washing matte nails with water

The matte nail trend took the beauty world by storm last year, and rightfully so. As we approach the holiday season, I predict that matte nails will re-emerge as a super trendy alternative to traditional top coats! But how do you keep your matte manicure looking fresh? In today’s article, we’ll cover how to clean …

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How to ask for Hailey Bieber’s Nails?

How to ask for Hailey Bieber's Nails

Hailey Bieber is one of the most popular young models in Hollywood. She also has a passion for nails, like many other beauty enthusiasts. In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting Hailey’s nail design at a nail salon so you know how to ask for Hailey Bieber’s nails for …

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What to Ask For at A Nail Salon? [7 Questions]

a nail salon owner

If you’re like me, you love to get your nails done but sometimes don’t know what to ask for at a nail salon. A typical nail salon should offer services for fingernails and toenails. Services can range from a simple polish change to more elaborate designs. And within these categories, there will be a lot …

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