How To Make Gel X Nails Last Longer?

Getting gel extensions is exciting, and the thrill of having beautiful nails is something few things can compare to. Who wouldn’t want to know how to make gel X nails last longer?

How To Make Gel X Nails Last Longer?

The nail plate should be prepped perfectly to ensure gel X nails last longer. There should be no substances on the nail’s surface, and applying the gel extension correctly, with enough adhesive and product, is of utmost importance for a longer-lasting set.

a set of long lasting gel x nails done by Jane

Luckily, you can do a few things at home to extend the lifetime of your gel X nails. Some ways to boost your gel extensions will depend on how you look after them; others rely on the salon, nail tech, and product.

Take care of your nails before an appointment

Usually, when you want to get your nails done, you show up at the salon without doing anything. But there are specific tips you can follow before your appointment to ensure your gel X nails stay on longer.

  • Avoid water and soap.
  • Grow your nails a little longer – this is needed to place the form underneath to sculpt the extension, or if you are going for the gel tips, to ensure the balance between gel and nail stays better for longer.
  • Shy away from applying cuticle oil or lotion to your hands a few days before your appointment. The nail plate should be as dry as possible.

Carefully prepare the nails

a nail technician using a cuticle pusher to push back the cuticles during a nail preparation

One of the crucial ways to ensure your gel extensions stick and last longer will be to prepare the nails thoroughly and ensure the surface is ready. These steps are sometimes done halfway because you or the nail tech need to catch up on schedule.

Doing the nail prep halfway when it comes to gel extensions will definitely impact the longevity of the gel x nails.

Step 1: Cut the nails if needed. Someone with longer nails that want extra length can leave it like that. Otherwise, shorten the nails, so there is a little overhang.

Step 2: Push back the cuticles to ensure the nail plate is more accessible, and the gel can cover the entire surface.

Step 3: Ensure the nails are not split at the side where they meet the skin. This can be a game changer if you miss a little piece of nail or skin and apply the gel over it. It can either cause pain or compromise your application.

Step 4: File, buff, and polish the nails to smooth out any texture that might be present. Any bumps or ridges can cause air to enter the bondage, preventing the extensions from lasting.

Step 5: Wipe the nails and fingers clean with lint-free alcohol wipes. These ensure no particles are left on the nail, as these can lead to lifting or the gel extensions not adhering correctly.

How To Apply Gel X Nails To Last Longer?

The manner of applying gel extension can also determine how long your set will last. For most people, it is a trial and error. Thus, if you haven’t done it before, visit a nail bar to do gel X nails with a professional before attempting it on your own.

pre-cured gel polish on a fingernail

The steps will depend on what style of application your nail tech uses. For example, some sculpt the gel with a form they place underneath the natural nail, and others use the more accessible gel X tips to do the overlay. Here, we will look at the steps when using gel X tips.

Step 1: Preparing the nail should always be included in the steps. Some might skip this when doing a complete set of acrylic or gel, but gel X nails need a thoroughly prepped nail to work.

Step 2: The first product applied is a pH-bonder. This is to dehydrate the nail and remove any excess oil to ensure the following product stays put.

Step 3: The nail tech will apply the non-acid primer to ensure the surface is eligible to stick to. This step can also relate to the longevity of the nails. It would help if you covered the entire nail with the bonder to ensure your extensions stick.

Step 4: The gel extender, a typical gel coat, is next and needs curing for 30 seconds. After this step, the nails are ready to receive the gel X tip.

Step 5: Ensure the size and shape of the tip is correct. Some recommend buffing the tip a little, but there is no proof that this will increase the longevity of the tips.

Step 6: Add a drop of the gel extender underneath the tip, go in at a 45-degree angle and place the tip over the entire nail. The slower and evenly you go, the better result you will have with no bubbles in your gel polish or skewed nails. For each finger, a flash cure of 1 minute is necessary to ensure the tip sticks, and then, the entire hand cures for 30 seconds under the UV lamp.

Note: Make sure you know how long gel polish takes to cure for each coat so that you don’t over cure your gel polish.

a nail technician applying nail tips on gel x nails

After successfully applying the tip, the gel color and art are next. Apply these as you would a standard gel overlay. Again, the correct nail preparation and gel extension application are crucial to ensure the gel X nails last longer.

Precision And Time When Applying Gel X Nails

The precision of these gel X nail applications is a significant factor in how long your set will last. Bubbles can form, or particles on the nails can jeopardize the application. 

Thus, take your time to be precise or visit a professional who has done many of these applications and is confident in their gel X nail results.

The Correct Gel X Nails Products

Believe it or not, some nail bars will sell a service as gel X nails, but in reality, they use acrylic. So first, gel X nails will use a thick gel-type liquid in a bottle or tub, and acrylics are powder mixed with a liquid to form a mold.

Second, a nail tech uses a few different products to apply these gel extensions. None of these can be left out or considered unimportant. If you decide to leave one or two out, you will have to bear the consequences of your gel X nails not lasting as long as you want.

a person droping olive oil on her fingernails

Aftercare Instructions To Make Gel X Nails Last Longer

After your appointment, you can do a few things to ensure your gel X nails last longer. The average lifetime of gel X nails is 2 to 4 weeks. Factors that will influence the lifetime of your nails:

  • How often do you work with water and harsh chemicals?
  • What do you handle daily? Working with equipment and being busy with your hands can cause wear and tear on your nails.
  • Do you look after your manicure? Unfortunately, some people walk out of the nail salon and only do something with their nails on their next appointment.

When you know you have to work with water and chemicals, invest in safe, high-quality gloves that will protect your manicure and keep it intact for longer. Go for a shorter length if you have to handle many things daily. Too-long nails that pull on your natural nail will shorten the lifetime of the gel X nails.

Add a layer of sheer nail polish over your gel X nails every 10 days. This will keep the overlay secure and protect it from lifting as it starts to grow out. You can also apply cuticle oil to the skin around your nail to moisturize.


It is easy to keep your gel X nails as long as possible. Follow the tips before the appointment and after, and choose a nail tech that is precise in their application of gel X nails. You can also buy an at-home gel X nail kit. The more you practice, the longer your set will last.