How Much Is A Gel Pedicure In 2023?

You are working out your monthly budget for the new year. Unfortunately, all the prices are increasing, and if groceries and toiletries aren’t enough, you also have to consider your beauty treatments. For example, how much is a gel pedicure in 2023?

How Much Is A Gel Pedicure?

A gel pedicure will cost you between $40 and $60 in 2023. The price will vary from salon to salon because of location, nail tech skills, and the gel products they use. If a client wishes to add a service to their gel pedicure, it can bump the price to $80 or more.

The price of a gel pedicure can change depending on where you get it done, who does it, and what the appointment entails. So, let’s look at what you can expect to pay for different gel pedicures.

What Does A Regular Gel Pedicure Entail?

A gel pedicure is one of the ultimate ways to treat your toenails and keep them healthy and fresh. The gel doesn’t easily chip from toes and lasts much longer than a regular nail polish pedicure. You can learn how long regular nail polish lasts by reading my other article if interested.

A regular gel pedicure would usually follow these steps:

  • Preparation of the toenails. This will usually be to clean the toenails, clear the cuticles, and get the form right.
  • Next, the nail tech will apply your desired gel color to the toenails and cure it with a LED or UV nail lamp for around 60 seconds for each layer.
  • Lastly, they will add a moisturizing oil or lotion to the nails and feet to end off the gel pedicure.

For this standard, straightforward gel pedicure, you can expect to pay between $40 and $60. However, you will pay much more for the same treatment in a luxury spa or beachfront hotel. These exotic locations charge around $75 for the same treatment.

applying gel polish onto toenails

How Can The Cost Of A Gel Pedicure Change?

A gel pedicure won’t ever have a universal price, and there are reasons for this. First, nail treatment prices are at the salon owner’s discretion. They decide what they want to charge according to the cost of the product they use, the rent of the building they need to pay, and the nail techs working for them.

Thus, you would most likely pay more when you visit a hotel or spa for your gel pedicure than at a nail tech’s private salon or house.

Apart from location, nail tech experience, and product cost, you can also expect to pay more for your gel pedicure when you need additional services done with gel pedicures.

Deluxe Pedicure With Gel Overlay

A regular pedicure usually entails a pamper of the feet, from a soak to scrub and callouses treatment to ending with a nail polish overlay. Next, you can expect a foot massage with lotion, TLC for the cuticles and nails, and then the overlay.

A gel pedicure only exists from preparing the toenails and applying the gel. Therefore, you should expect to pay more if you want the deluxe pedicure and upgrade the regular polish overlay to a gel overlay. This could lead to a $60 to $75 bill at a regular salon.

Gel Overlay With Build Ups

One part of our body that takes much strain is our feet. Wearing shoes that box in the toes and walking miles each day can lead to some toenails wanting out, or worst case, in. With ingrown toenails being quite common in the USA, you might have to add an additional service to your gel pedicure.

This might not be a precise method of dealing with ingrown nails, and you should see a doctor and follow the necessary guideline to keep your toes healthy. A secret weapon to keep your toenails at bay is to add a hard gel or acrylic overlay to that nail. This way, it keeps the nail in place to only grow out with the overlay and not try to grow inward.

This life safer may cost you around $10 to $20 extra, but you won’t regret it if this is one of your struggles.

French Tip Gel Overlays

Some nail techs might charge you more when you want to go for the white-tip type of gel overlay. This is because it takes more time to perfect and skill to make it look professional. You can expect to pay around $55 to $65 for a French gel pedicure.

How Can You Work Smart With The Cost Of Your Gel Pedicure?

Once you go for a gel pedicure, it will be hard to return to nothing or a regular polish pedicure. But paying for a gel pedicure might not fit your monthly budget. So here are a few tips you can follow to wear a gel pedicure as often as you like:

Tip #1: Get A DIY Gel Kit

The most affordable way to have a gel pedicure year-round would be to invest in an at-home gel kit. These are available on Amazon or any major outlet that stocks these items. Also, ensure you get an excellent LED nail lamp and a popular product to get a long-lasting gel pedicure each time.

Tip #2: Get A Gel Pedi When It Counts

Winter months always call for socks and closed-toe shoes. Thus, getting a gel pedicure during these months is not needed. Instead, focus on giving your nails a breather (although it isn’t necessary), save on your budget, and look after your toenails by clipping, filing, and adding cuticle oil weekly.

Tip #3: Skip A Gel Pedicure Appointment

Gel pedicures last long. The toenails also grow out slower than fingernails, which means your toenail gels can last longer than a manicure. Instead of going for a gel pedicure every 4 weeks, why not skip an appointment and fill up your gel pedicure with regular polish? This way, you can change the color, have a fresh-looking set, and save on appointment costs.


A gel pedicure is a life; you won’t go back once you get it. However, it will cost you around $40 per month if you want plain with no extras, or you can apply the nifty tips to extend your gel pedicure and save some money.