How Much Are Acrylic Nails?

Do you want gorgeous, long, and beautiful acrylic nails but don’t know how much do acrylic nails cost at a salon? The price of acrylic nails varies at different places so it gets confusing for the customers especially before you can get to ask the salon about their prices.

No one wants to go to a nail bar without knowing how much the services will cost. As acrylic nails often depend on designs, it gets hard to keep a track of their pricing.

Everything will be cleared if you go through our thorough guide on the cost of acrylic nails. We discuss how different factors affect the price and the cost of DIY acrylic nails.

So, let’s begin with the biggest question “How much are acrylic nails?”.

How Much Are Acrylic Nails?

The cost of minimal acrylic nails at a salon ranges from $20-$120. Different factors influence the price of acrylic nails such as salon location, nail design, shape, length, and polish. Fancy long nails cost more than short nails with basic shapes and designs.

how much are acrylic nails

Acrylic nails have been in trend for a long time now. They are long-lasting and make your hands look beautiful without chipping off the next day. They are also famous because you can design them in any way. So, what’s better than a custom nail design? 

How much Do Acrylic Nails cost in the US market?

Acrylic nails can cost anywhere between $20-$120 in the US. The reason for the wide price range is the multiple factors that contribute to the costs of acrylic nails.

You can get a basic set of acrylic nails at a small nail bar with minimal add-ons between $20-$30. At some locations such as Chicago, the price might be up to $50. If you choose a high-end salon, the starting price would be $50 for a minimal design. 

Every 2-3 weeks, you will need to fill in the gaps as your nails grow. This can cost an additional $20-$50.

It will be easier to understand the cost of acrylic nails at a salon if we discuss the factors that affect it. 

Factors Contributing to The Cost of Acrylic Nails

The cost of acrylic nails keeps on increasing as you add more and more jewels to them. Moreover, the lengthier the nails you choose, the pricier they are. There is no fixed price on acrylic nails. It all depends on different factors that are mentioned below!

1. Nail Length

doing acrylic nails with a tip to measure the nail's length

It is simple – short nails cost less than longer ones. Long nails take more material and effort to shape and paint. So, nail artists charge more for long acrylic nails. 

Short nails are getting trendy nowadays. They cost less, look elegant, and are easy to deal with as well. A simple set of short acrylic nails can cost as low as $20-$30

People that are into glamor may prefer long acrylic nails. Long acrylic nails cost as low as $30-$50 for a minimal design. 

2. Nail Shape

Different nail shapes also contribute to the price of acrylic nails. Basic shapes such as square, round, or oval cost less as they follow the natural shape of our nails. Whereas complicated shapes like stilettos or coffins require more effort to shape so they are more expensive. 

3. Location of the Salon

A nail bar located in a posh area will charge more from its customer than a nail bar at an ordinary place for the same services. Luxurious nail spas provide a high-end ambiance to their customers. 

They have a more comfortable setting, relaxing environment, and high-end tools. Such nail bars also pay a hefty amount of rent. To compensate for all this cost, they charge more than ordinary nail salons. 

High-end nail bars use superior quality products of known brands. The chances of getting beautiful and long-lasting nails at high-end salons are higher. 

It also depends on which city you live in. Nail bars situated in expensive cities such as New York, San Francisco, etc, are likely to be more expensive than nail bars in other cities.

4. The Expertise of the Nail Artist

The more trained and professional a nail artist is, the more they will charge for acrylic nails. If you get your nails done by a newer, less experienced nail artist, the cost will likely be cheaper. 

People prefer professional nail artists because they are reliable. But that doesn’t mean, inexpensive nail artists shouldn’t be given any chance. On many occasions, you can find hidden gems at a smaller cost. 

5. Nail Design

beautiful acrylic nail design

Adding jewels and patterns means additional costs for acrylic nails. When you go to a nail bar, all the colors and jewels present there to intrigue you to get a fancy and gorgeous design. But the fancier you want your acrylic nails, the costlier it will be.

Add-ons can be of different types such as gemstones. They can increase the final price by an additional $5-$10 or more. Some salons have a price for add-ons per nail while some have a price for the whole set. 

Complicated designs also increase the price of acrylic nails. If you go for a simple french manicure, it will cost less. Whereas if you get designs like swirls, marbles, or other such shapes, it will cost an extra amount.

6. Types of Acrylic Polish

You can choose different types of nail polish for your acrylic nails. These include:

  • Gel Polish
  • Shellac
  • Plexigel
  • Vinylux

The price of regular nail polish is included in the price of acrylic nails. However, using other polishes (mentioned above) cost additional charges. These nail polishes are used for durability, added shine, longevity, and conditioning. 

Nail PolishPrice
Regular PolishCost included in the acrylic nail set.
Gel Polish$20-$25

What is the Price of Acrylic Nail Refills and Repairs?

Your nails grow pretty fast. Within 2-3 weeks, you will notice that the acrylic nails have moved away from your cuticles and your normal nails are exposed. 

In this situation, people either get rid of their acrylic nails or get fill-ins. Both of these procedures cost different amounts.

Removal of acrylic nails costs around $10-$20. It is better to get acrylic nails removed by a professional if you want to keep your original nail intact.

Acrylic nail fill-ins don’t take a lot of time or effort. Depending on how much your nails grew and the salon, it can cost around $20-$50

Nail bars also repair and fix broken or chipped acrylic nails. The cost of repair varies and depends upon how bad the damage is. It costs around $3-$5 per nail.

How Much Do DIY Acrylic Nails Cost At Home?

You might be thinking that it would cost less to do your acrylic nails yourself at home as compared to a salon. Let’s break down the cost of DIY acrylic nails so you can decide for yourself!

Here’s what you will need to do acrylic nails at home:

  • Acrylic Nails Kit
  • Basecoat
  • Bond Aid
  • Nail Polish
  • Topcoat
  • Gemstones (optional)
  • Glitter (optional)

The price of acrylic nail kits varies and depends upon the brand you get them from. If you are a newbie, it is better to get an inexpensive nail kit instead of a high-end one. Getting a whole acrylic nail kit is cheaper as compared to buying individual products. It is also convenient for first-timers.

Basic nail kits can cost around $10-$50. Professional acrylic nail kits start from $100. Electric nail drills cost around $20-$80. 

The thing with DIY acrylic nail kits is that you can reuse them multiple times. You will only need to invest in the tools once and use them to do your nails for many years to come. You can do your acrylic nails at home more than 10 times with a single acrylic nail powder and liquid. 

Learning to do perfect acrylic nails at home requires a lot of practice. You can’t do salon-level acrylic nails on the first try. 

If you plan to do acrylic nails frequently, it will cost less to do them at home as compared to a salon, but you would be compromising on the quality unless you are already a pro at it. Buy a simple acrylic kit at first and practice a lot with it. With time, you will get skilled at it.

Final Thoughts

Acrylic nails are a perfect choice when you want beautiful, long-lasting, and durable nails. They are affordable and make your hands look alluring. DIY acrylic nails are good for those that have the skills and time to do them. It is more affordable as compared to going to nail bars every month for acrylics.

It is a common question that comes into new acrylic-getters’ minds: how much do acrylic nails cost? There is no straight answer to this question. The more fancy your nail design is, the more expensive the procedure. 

Acrylic nails are a simple and easy way to feel more feminine and elegant. The price of acrylic nails depends upon various factors. You can keep it low by choosing a common nail shape, short nails, and a minimal design.