How to Remove Gel Nail Polish with Sugar in 15 Minutes?

remove polish with a cotton ball

“How to remove gel nail polish with sugar?” is a common question that many beauty enthusiasts have asked me. Many women ask for gel nail polish rather than regular nail polish because it appears glossier and lasts much longer (up to three weeks compared to a single week or less). Yet, while gel nail polish …

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Can you get Gel Nails With Tips? 2 Methods You need to Know

building nail tips with bio gel polish

If you’re obsessed with gel manicures, but your short nails prohibit you from getting those enviable celeb nails, you’ve probably considered getting tips. Nail tips add strength to your existing nails, make your nails look longer, and are designed for those with short nails. Nail tips are usually used in acrylic manicures, but can you …

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How to Fix Bubbles in Gel Nail Polish? 3 Best Methods To Try

bubbles in gel nail polish

A common question I’m often asked is how to fix bubbles in gel nail polish. These tiny bubbles in gel polish are one of the most common issues that even experienced nail technicians face. Unfortunately, in many cases, the bubbles won’t go away naturally after being cured. Today, I will provide some tips to help …

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