Can I Use Top Coat As Base Coat?

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get professional-looking nails and pedicures at home? It’s possible, but it’s important to understand the differences between base coat nail polishes and top coat so that your manicure lasts. Today we’ll be talking about whether or not you can use a top coat as a …

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How Long To Soak Gel Nails In Acetone (For Removal)

How Long To Soak Gel Nails In Acetone

Gel nails look beautiful and elegant. They are pretty secure for the most part and last for a long time. Getting them out is another matter. You must soak them in acetone, and that can be time-consuming. Let’s find out how long you should soak gel nails in acetone for flawless removal. How Long To …

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How Long Does It Take To Get My Nails Done?

How Long Does It Take To Get My Nails Done

Getting your nails done is a treat. It is fun and relaxing, and you end up looking and feeling like you can take on the world as long as you have that manicure. Having your nails done can be time-consuming, and figuring out what type of nails you can do with your time is helpful. …

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How To Remove Hard Gel Nails?

How To Remove Hard Gel Nails

A hard gel manicure is the ultimate when you need solid and perfect nails. Unfortunately, building the ideal hard gel manicure takes quite a while, which can take a chunk out of your schedule. Furthermore, the important question is how to remove hard gel nails properly? Let’s find out with me! How To Remove Hard …

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How To Treat Green Nails? Follow These Methods

How To Treat Green Nails

When you remove your artificial nails, you expect to see your natural nail color. So, it can be a shock if you discover your nails have turned green. Many people who wear nail enhancements experience this alarming color change. But your nails won’t stay like that forever, so don’t panic. Here’s how to get them …

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Shellac Vs Lacquer: Which One To Choose In 2023

Shellac Vs Lacquer

With the trends rising and new types of manicures and polishes popping around each corner, it can be confusing for a person to decide which one is for you or will fit your budget. Taking two types, Shellac vs Lacquer, which one should you choose in 2023? Shellac Vs Lacquer Although Shellac contains lacquer in …

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Liquid Gel Nails: Everything You Need To Know In 2023

Liquid Gel Nails

In a world full of overlays and glitter, the liquid gel is one of the choices that stand out. You should know whether it is worth investing in and if it is the one to choose as your go-to manicure in 2023. Liquid Gel Nails/ Everything You Need To Know In 2023 Liquid gel is …

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How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish?

How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish

A Shellac overlay is one of the better things you can spend money on. But, when it gets time to remove it, should you go to a salon, or can you attempt it yourself? Suppose you can do it yourself, the question is how to remove Shellac nail polish the right way that won’t ruin …

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Why Do My Gel Nails Peel Off After A Week?

Why Do My Gel Nails Peel Off After A Week

You likely get gel nails for their incredible staying power. A gel mani is supposed to last at least 2 weeks, so it’s a letdown if your gel nails peel off in half this time or quicker. I’ll share why gel nails don’t last so that you never again have a mani that peels off …

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Can You Mix Regular Nail Polish With Gel Polish?

can you mix regular nail polish with gel polish

There is something we all think about when doing our nails. To get the colors we want and save money, most of us tried mixing different polish types and brands to get the desired color or skipped out on buying a new bottle. But can you mix regular nail polish with gel polish? Can You …

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