Can You Put Gel Polish Over Polygel?

The world of manicures welcomed a new member to the party – Polygel. Unfortunately, some are not as trusted with Polygel as with the gel and acrylic applications. You might have researched and wanted to try, but can you put gel polish over polygel?

Putting gel polish over Polygel won’t cause problems. Polygel is a constructive nail polish application that is stronger than gel polish and will benefit weak nails better. Because Polygel usually comes in clear, white, and pink, the nail technician or client at home can use gel on top of the Polygel.

There might be confusion about how Polygel can work with regular gel polish, how to apply it, and when you should avoid it. So, let’s look at the partnership between the two and how you can make it work.

can you put gel polish over polygel

Will Gel Polish Work Over Polygel?

Polygel is the new kid on the block, creating quite a stir. Some ditched their loyalty to acrylic and gel polish, went all in with Polygel, and could not have more awesome things to say. A new trend always stirs things up and makes people wonder if it is better than what they are satisfied with now.

Polygel is the perfect combination between gel and acrylic without using the same ingredients these two have. There are many pros to Polygel, and you might already know them. But adding gel over it, is it too much, or can you do it?

You certainly can put gel polish over Polygel. Polygel forms the base, and you can color with gel polish or do designs and textures to your heart’s content. The Polygel will serve as a sticky surface the gel can stick to. Usually, the Polygel layer gets buffed and wiped after curing, but these steps are left out to ensure the gel can stick.

Can You Put Gel Polish Over Polygel?

Why Would You Want To Put Gel Polish Over Polygel?

When applying Polygel, you need a primer or gel base (depending on the Polygel brand) and a top coat. Thus, you can use Polygel on its own, and it is not dependent on other products. Polygel came to the market in the standard clear, white, and pink colors. There are specific reasons why you would like to put gel over Polygel:

  • Colors – Some Polygel brands have started to bring some extra colors to the table, but there isn’t a wide variety yet. Because gel has been on the market long and has tons of colors available, you can use a clear Polygel and gel color together to get the perfect manicure.
  • Strength – People with brittle nails should instead opt for a Polygel strength base under the usual gel they usually do.
  • Longer lasting manicure – Adding Polygel to your typical gel application will extend the time of your manicure.
  • Cost – Polygel comes in a tube and looks like a paste. Therefore, it is more expensive than gel, and you get fewer applications. Thus, you can use a clear, white, or nude to build the base on the nail plate and all the fancy add-ons and colors with gel.
  • Frequency – Suppose you have a client that wants a new set or fill every time. Polygel is the best go-to. It is lighter on the nail plate and contains no harsh chemicals. With this as the base and the gel on top, there is no need for frequent resting times.

When NOT To Put Gel Polish Over Polygel?

There is no time to avoid Polygel hence health or safety, as this product is safer and better for your nails’ health than gel or acrylic. But there might be times you would instead opt for Polygel alone and leave the gel for another time.

  • Neutral colors – When you are happy with the colors of the Polygel you have, there is no need to add a gel layer.
  • Time – Adding an additional gel layer is time-consuming. Thus, if you can get the desired look with Polygel only, that would be the best route.
  • Application – If you are still getting the hang of the Polygel application, don’t add anything else. As a technician or someone doing their nails at home, having too much to do in a certain amount of time can lead to rushed work and not the desired result.
  • Type of client – A client that wants to spend a minimum amount of time and would appreciate the filling of Polygel after four weeks and is off again. No need to remove the gel or the entire set and reapply.

Now that you know when to not put bio gel polish over polygel. If you are certain that you can do it, below is the step-by-step guide!

Can You Put Gel Polish Over Polygel?

How To Apply Gel Polish Over Polygel

There are steps to follow and tools to ensure you get the magical result everyone wants from Polygel. These steps show how you can add gel polish over Polygel.

  • Step 1: The first step before any application will be to shorten the nails and get the desired shape. Add cuticle oil and push back the cuticles. Remove any leftover oil with a lint-free wipe.
  • Step 2: Add a thin layer of gel base or primer. The product to use here will be dependable on the Polygel brand you use. Cure the base in a LED nail oven (stronger than UV) for 30 to 60 seconds. The time will depend on the nail light you have and the product.
  • Step 3: It is time to start the Polygel application. Squeeze a pea-sized amount of the putty onto the nail. Use the slip solution and a brush to manage the Polygel and spread it over the nail plate as desired.
  • Step 4: Cure the Polygel under the LED lamp for the time your Polygel brand suggests.
  • Step 5: Shape, buff, and form the nail into your desired shape. This step is similar to the step you apply after an acrylic application.
  • Step 6: Apply the thin gel polish layer you want to add to the Polygel and cure according to recommendations from the brand (usually between 30 and 60 seconds). You can learn more about how long gel polish takes to dry for different coats so you don’t go wrong.
  • Step 7: Now, you can add nail art or textured designs and cure them to ensure they don’t go anywhere.
  • Step 8: A gel top coat ends off the masterpiece. After the top coat is cured and wiped with a lint-free wipe, your creation is complete.

More difficulty arises when someone wants to lengthen their nails with the Polygel and add gel. Practice makes perfect regarding nail polish applications.

An important note is ensuring the layers are as thin as possible when applying gel on top of the Polygel. The Polygel layer can be a little thicker. Still, if you overdo the base, gel, and top coat, the result may be a thick application that looks unnatural.

Conclusion: Can you put gel polish over Polygel?

Putting gel polish over Polygel is the new way to go as long as you follow my guide in this this article. Although gel has been there first, the two can work well together and can ensure a longer-lasting, healthier manicure that strengthens the nails but is still flexible enough to prevent breaks.