Can You Mix Gel Polish Colors?

A gel manicure is just about the best thing that can happen to your nails. Gel polish comes in many colors, and the color combinations for manicures are endless. But what if you’re looking for a specific nail polish color and can’t find it anywhere? Can you mix gel polish colors together?

But what if you’re looking for a specific nail polish color and can’t find it anywhere? Can you mix gel polish colors?

It’s possible to mix gel polish colors to create a new shade. The best way to mix gel polish colors is to start slowly with a drop at a time to see if the colors work well together. Using the same gel polish brand when mixing colors is advisable for the best results.

When mixing gel polish, it’s crucial to consider the ingredients and the brand of gel polish you’ll use. It’s always better to go for a high-quality and established brand when mixing gel polish.

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Is It Possible To Mix Gel Polish Colors Together?

You can mix gel polish if you want to create a new shade, or just mix a few colors to see what new colors you can make. Mixing gel colors work similarly to regular nail polish, except gel nail polish has a different consistency and contains other ingredients.

You can read more about gel polish and regular polish in our article to learn more about their differences.

For the best results when mixing gel colors, there are a few valuable tips you can use.

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Tips On mixing Gel Polish Colors Together

To mix gel colors perfectly and avoid uneven textures and other gel polish mishaps, there are a few tips to achieve the best colors. These include:

  • Apply a small amount of gel polish when mixing gel polish colors
  • Use a card, silicon mat, or any other easy-to-clean surface to mix the gel polish colors
  • Stick to two colors for best results, you can use a third color, but it’s best to combine two at a time
  • Use high-quality gel nail polish when mixing colors
  • Try to use the same brand of gel polish when mixing gel colors
  • When mixing gel polish colors, test out the final result to make sure you’re happy with the color

How Do You Mix Gel Polish Colors?

To begin mixing gel polish colors, you’ll need the two colors you want to mix, a piece of card or silicone mat to mix the colors on, a cuticle pusher tool, and a small paintbrush. 

Once you have everything you need, you can begin to mix the colors by following these steps:

  1. Place a drop at a time of each of the gel polish colors. Depending if you’re looking for a darker or lighter shade or a completely new shade, you’ll want to start by adding a drop of each color on your piece of card or silicone mat.
  2. Mix the colors. Use the cuticle pusher to mix the colors together slowly. Add more of each color as needed, but only drop by drop.
  3. Apply. Once you’re happy with the color, you can test it on your nail, making sure only to do one coat at a time.

Can You Mix Different Brands Of Gel Polish Colors?

When mixing gel polish colors, it’s not the best option to mix different brands together. Each gel polish brand has its own nail polish recipe, which contains specific ingredients. So, if you combine multiple brands, they may have ingredients that counteract one another, giving your nail polish an undesirable look.

Different brands of gel polish may also have varying curing times and, when mixed and applied to the nails, may not cure properly or look uneven. 

Gel polishes go through testing before being released on the market. Therefore, mixing two different brands together may result in your manicure not being as durable or lasting as long.

What Are The Best Brands Of Gel Polish For Mixing Colors?

Most gel polishes have similar ingredients, but some brands stand out due to their quality, longevity, and attractive color options. Here are some of the best gel polish brands you can use when mixing gel polish colors:

  • Gelish Gel Polish
  • Essie Couture Gel Nail Polish
  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
  • OPI Infinite Shine
  • Beetles Gel Polish

How Many Coats Can You Do If Gel Polish Colors Are Mixed?

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If you’ve mixed your gel polish colors and have made a new color that you love, it’s best to start by applying one coat at a time. After the first coat is finished, you can place it under the UV lamp and wait for it to cure. Once the first layer is complete, you can add a second layer. Remember to cure each gel polish layer for long enough so they are not sticky and lift.

When applying gel polish, in most cases, only two coats are painted on the nails, but if you are using a slightly inferior quality gel polish or you feel like there needs to be another coat added, you can add a third coat. Each layer needs to cure before moving on to another layer.

Using a gel top coat and basecoat would be best to ensure your gel polish is cured correctly, looks glossy, and lasts longer.

You can learn more about why gel polish needs a top coat and why you need a base coat for your gel nails in my other articles.

The Bottom Line: Can you Mix Gel Polish Colors?

Mixing gel polish colors can create a new shade, and many nail technicians may incorporate this technique for gorgeous vibrant manicures. Mixing gel polish colors is possible, provided you use the same brand of gel polish and start mixing the colors slowly to create a new one.

Mixing gel polish can be a fun way to explore new color options and make a shade you can’t find online or in-store. However, it will require a bit of skill in order to create the desired outcome. So, my recommendation is to try color mixing techniques, experiment as much as possible, and you will find your “secret sauce”.

After you got the color you like, you should keep your gel polish from peeling since the mixed color may not be as grippy as the original colored gel polish.

I hope you have found this article helpful and have your question “Can you mix nail polish colors?” answered!