Can you get Gel Nails With Tips? 2 Methods You need to Know

If you’re obsessed with gel manicures, but your short nails prohibit you from getting those enviable celeb nails, you’ve probably considered getting tips.

Nail tips add strength to your existing nails, make your nails look longer, and are designed for those with short nails. Nail tips are usually used in acrylic manicures, but can you get gel nails with tips?

Let’s check out the options to get bio-gel nails with tips, how the magic happens, and what you need to know before getting it done!

Can you get Gel Nails With Tips?

There are a few ways in which you can get gel nails with tips. These include applying a builder layer, building the tips with gel, and using stick-on nails. This type of manicure can be applied to short nails; however, there needs to be a bit of length when applying tips.

Gel nail tips are also called gel nail extensions, and like any other nail treatment, gel nails with tips may have pros and cons but remain one of the easiest ways to make your nails look longer and give you the nails you’ve always wanted.

Gel nails with tips also create more space on your nails for nail art. A gel manicure with tips gives you more options for creating a unique nail look and allows you to explore your adventurous side with bold nail polish colors and exciting nail trends.

can you use nail tips on gel polish

How to get Gel Nails With Tips?

There are three ways to get gel nails with tips. Not all methods may be suitable for you or used at every nail salon. Getting a stunning set of these nails also takes time, and you can expect a gel manicure with tips to take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, depending on which option you choose for your gel manicure.

1. Apply A Builder Layer

    applying nail tips onto gel polish

    Applying a builder gel to your nails to get gel nail tips is the most widely used approach to gel nails with tips. This method is recommended by nail professionals and used by nail salons. A builder layer is created using builder gel and helps create length, adds thickness and strength to the nail, and helps build tips.

    To create gel tips with a builder layer, follow these steps:

    1. Glue the tip to the nail.
    2. Use your builder gel, poly gel, or acrylic to paint a builder layer.
    3. Color and seal the nail with a layer of top coat.
    4. The builder layer will help create an even surface, act like a base coat, and keep the tip more securely attached to the nail.

    Now let’s see what the other ways that you can get gel nails with tips.

    2. Build Up The Tips With Gel

    Can you get Gel Nails With Tips? 2 Methods You need to Know

    The second method of getting gel nails with tips is to build up the nail tips with gel. Building up the tips with gel involves using a set of preshaped nails. The preshaped nails come in different sizes to fit the tip of the natural nails and then get glued on.

    Once the nails are on, the tip is cut, shaped, and filed to remove the shine on the nail’s surface. Next, a protein coat gets applied to the nail, followed by a base coat that goes under the UV lamp for curing.

    The nails will then be painted with gel polish and cured in the same way you’d do a regular gel manicure.

    The third way to get gel nails with tips is to use stick-on nails, which can be done at home.

    3. Use Stick On Nails

    The last method you could use to get gel nails with tips is stick-on nails. Stick-on nails are an easy DIY method of getting a gel manicure with tips at home. Nail salons don’t usually offer this type of gel manicure because it doesn’t last long even though it has several benefits.

    Stick-on gel nails typically cover the entire surface of the nail while the nail tips are glued to the top of the nail. Stick-on nails can last ten days to two weeks and are placed onto the nail with a nail adhesive or glue. Generally, this option is less damaging to your nails.

    If you’re still not sure what sets the stick-on and build-up methods apart, this table comparison is just for you:

    Stick-On And Build-Up Methods For Gel Nails With Tips: A Comparison 

    Can you get Gel Nails With Tips? 2 Methods You need to Know
    Stick-On Method Build-Up Method
    Extends natural nails with fake nail tips made of plastic or gel.Extends natural nails with buildable gel, using forms as guides.
    The tips are bonded to the top of the natural nails.The buildable gel covers the whole nail, from the cuticle to the end of the extended tip.
    Fake tips stay attached until it’s time for a new mani. The forms are removed as soon as the gel tips have cured.
    The right fake tip size is needed for a natural look and strong hold. The tips are made to fit the nails exactly. 
    Plastic tips can feel thicker and less flexible than gel tips. The tips are light and flexible.
    Plastic tips must be stuck on with high-quality glue for lasting results. The buildable gel covers the entire nail area, making the tips long-lasting. 

    Tips To Keep Gel Nails With Tips Last Longer

    Gel nails with tips can last at least two weeks, but if made with a hard gel, they can last 3-4 weeks. Unfortunately, now and then, you’ll find that you can barely get your gel nails to last two weeks. A gel manicure with tips that won’t last can be frustrating, especially when you can see your gel manicure start to peel off and you’re tempted to remove them yourself.

    There are many ways to keep your pure gel polish from peeling. But the method can be a little different for gel nails with tips.

    So how do you get your gel nails with tips to last longer?

    Here are some valuable tips to get your gel manicure with tips to last longer:

    • Be gentle with your manicure
    • A week after your gel manicure, apply a layer of clear nail polish to prevent chipping.
    • Avoid hot water as much as possible.
    • Make sure your cuticles are pushed back before the manicure
    • Buff your nails after pushing your cuticles back
    • Make sure you use a base coat and a top coat when doing a gel manicure with tips.
    • File down your tips to hide any unevenness or wear and tear on your manicure
    • Brush on a fun nail color if you notice your manicure is starting to grow out, this will give you a little bit more time to keep your manicure and make it last longer
    • Use gloves when gardening, doing the dishes, or any other activity that may be rough on your nails.

    Can Gel Nail With Tips Ruin Your Nails?

    Two gels are used in a gel manicure: a hard gel and a soft gel. Hard gels have been much longer and need to be filed off the nail, while soft gels are soaked off and don’t require any filing to be removed. Both types are used in a gel manicure with tips.

    Having a gel manicure with tips once in a while won’t harm your nails, but over time can cause thinning of the nails. This thinning is caused by the chemicals in the gel polish and the acetone used to soak it off.

    If gel nails with tips are used occasionally and removed correctly, they are considered a safe and healthier alternative to acrylics.

    The Bottom Line

    Gel nails with tips can be created by applying a builder layer, building up the tips with gel, or using stick-on nails. They are the perfect solution for short nails and not only give your nails additional length but also allow you to explore multiple shades of polish and nail art in your gel manicures.

    Still, the built-up tips might have the edge over the ones you stick on because they’re lighter, more flexible, and feel more natural.

    I hope you have found this article helpful in some ways, and thank you for reading until the end!