Acrylic Nails Too Thick? Here’s How to Fix It!

Tired of getting thick and ugly acrylic nails that look unnatural every time? You can easily fix thick acrylic nails by following all the tips mentioned here!

My tips will help you get rid of the extra thickness of acrylic nails and also assist you in getting the perfect thickness of acrylics every time.

Let’s check out all the methods and tips now!

Are your Acrylic Nails Too Thick? Let’s Fix

You can fix too-thick acrylic nails by filing them using a manual nail file or an e-file. E-files are quick to fix the thickness of acrylic nails. However, it is better to avoid this issue, to begin with, by applying less product to your acrylics and keeping the apex thicker than other areas.

a set of acrylic nails being too thick

In this article, we will discuss how you can fix the thickness of acrylic nails. We will also give you some practical tips on how to get the perfect thickness of acrylic nails every time so you don’t have to put in the extra effort. 

How Fix Thick Acrylic Nails?

Do your acrylic nails look too thick? If you aren’t satisfied with how the thickness of your acrylic nails looks, these methods are for you! You can fix acrylic nail thickness easily if you aren’t happy with the end result. Below are a number of ways to achieve this:

1. Drill the Nails

An e-file or nail drill is the best tool to fix thick acrylic nails. It will fix the thickness of your acrylics in no time. If you are using a nail drill for the first time, it might seem a little difficult to use. However, some practice will make you perfect and you will be able to create beautiful acrylic nails in no time.

Beurer MP62 Professional Nail Drill Kit is a great choice. It comes with 10 different attachments of drills and 3 speeds. 

You have to choose the right attachment for different nail areas. Using the e-file at the right speed is also important. High speed can damage the nail and ruin the acrylics. A low speed won’t be effective enough and may take a lot of time to reduce the thickness of the acrylics.

a nail technician using a drill to fix thick acrylic nails

Here’s a chart to understand the attachments of e-files:

Attachments of E-FilersUse 
Carbide BarrelsRemoving and cutting acrylics
Diamond AttachmentsFiling the nail surface
Sanding Band/Mandrel Band Removing gel polish

Diamond attachments are usually the best ones for filing acrylic nails. They work fast but require some practice. There are usually three sizes of diamond attachments – namely:

  • Barrel
  • Football
  • Cone

Diamond Barrel

The diamond barrel (the biggest one) attachment is suitable for filing the apex area. It is large enough to cover the apex and buff it. Go over the apex repeatedly until you achieve a suitable thickness. The apex should generally be thicker than other areas.

Diamond Football

Football attachment (medium size) is suitable for the free edge. However, you can also manage the free edge with the diamond barrel attachment. The thickness of the free edge depends on the length of the nails. If the nail is long, keep it thick. A medium thickness (as that of a credit card) is enough for short nails. 

Diamond Cone

Use the cone attachment (smallest size) on the cuticle area. You have to be really careful about the cuticle area. Lay the e-file flat on the nail and don’t extend it to the skin. The cuticle area should be the thinnest of all.

Remember to not put too much pressure on the nails while filing them otherwise the nails will get damaged.

Nail File vs E-File for Reducing Acrylic Nail Thickness

Everyone has a manual nail file at home. If you want to reduce the thickness of your acrylics in the comfort of your home, you can go for a manual nail file. The only problem here is that it will take more time than e-files.

E-files are made for professional use and consist of high-speed applications. They only take a couple of minutes to fix one nail. Whereas, a manual nail file may take 3-4 minutes. 

If you’re a newbie, it may be worth opting for a manual nail file with coarse grit. Manual nail files give you more control compared to e-files.

a woman doing acrylic nails

Tips to Get Perfect Acrylic Nail Thickness

Here are all the tips to get the perfect thickness from your acrylic nails! If your acrylic nails are too thick, you have to file them down. This means you waste product and your time as well.

You can save yourself the extra work by mastering the art of doing acrylic nails. Let’s check out the tips now!

1. Nail Preparation is Important

Preparing your nails for acrylics is necessary. Clean your nails and file the top with a nail file or e-file. This will provide a rough surface for the acrylics to stick to better. Get rid of any residue by using a wipe. Otherwise, the acrylic will mix with the residue and provide a lumpy look.

2. Start with the Length

The best way to start is with the length. This way you can keep the cuticle thin and the apex thick. 

Place the nail form on your nail. Use it as a guide for the length of your nails. Put a little bead of acrylic on the nail form and work your way through the length to the apex.

Then go for the apex and cover it with another bead. Blend it to the cuticle area and the free edge. 

3. Focus on the Thickness

In the initial layering, only focus on the thickness of the nails instead of the shape of your nails. You can always reshape the acrylics easily but reducing the thickness is trickier. 

4. Use Less Product

Always start with a tiny amount of product. You can always layer the acrylics by adding more later. If you start with an excessive amount of product, you will be wasting it. It will require more effort to file the nails down to a suitable thickness.

5. Use a Nail File to Even Down the Acrylics

We recommend you use a nail file or e-file to even down the acrylics. No matter how smooth your nails look, go for a little filing. You will notice a huge difference in the outcome. This step is important for a professional and beautiful look.

Final Thoughts

Chunky acrylic nails look unnatural and ruin the whole look of the manicure you were hoping for. You should always go for a suitable thickness of acrylic nails if you want your hands to look professionally done.

Use a nail file or e-file to fix the thickness of acrylic nails. Always go for less product while doing acrylics and slowly build up the thickness from there.

As you may want to consider another type of polish that’s easier to deal with. I have a comparison between gel vs acrylic nails for you, so make sure to check it out!